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 4 ct  3.6 oz  12 /Pack Case
  4 ct  3.6 oz  24 /Pack Case
  7 ct  6.2 oz  12 / Pack Case
  7 ct  6.2 oz  24 /Pack Case

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 oz Loose Pack Case


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Because we take pride in all of our Gourmet Food Products, you can take pride in knowing you are giving your customers the best sausage, the best brats, he best brat patties, the best sausage snack sticks and the best sausage straws. We only make and sell the best gourmet food products. We will never sell a gourmet food product that is just okay... Everything that we make and sell will be Grade A+ quality fresh food products.

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sausage is the best sausage you will find. Our old fashioned smokey flavors will have your customers screaming for more summer sausage. Give your customers what the deserve, and they deserve the best sausage around. 

Wisconsin Fresh Sausage is old fashioned Sausage, with old fashioned gourmet flavor you do not find with store brand Sausage.
Old-fashioned recipe sausage, smoked in a concrete pit smokehouse over a real hardwood fire for 18-24 hours. Creates a smoky flavor that only comes from a slow smoking process. A throwback flavor to the days of homemade sausage that you won't find anywhere else.

At Wisconsin Fresh we pride ourselves in the fresh quality of our Gourmet Foods.
Products like;
Sausage Straws
Sausage Snack Sticks
Breakfast Sausage
Wisconsin Bratwurst
Wisconsin Brat Patties
Wisconsin Summer Sausage

There is a reason Fresh is in our name. We believe that every product we put our name on needs to be Fresh, without exception. 
Wisconsin Fresh only uses Farm Fresh Foods like farm fresh meats, farm fresh vegetables and only Wisconsin Fresh Cheese.

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Fresh Gourmet Foods That Only Taste Expensive

A Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sausage Straw is the perfect garnish to compliment
your favorite style of Bloody Mary's. Give your customers the Best Sausage Straw available.

Try our Bloody Mary Gourmet Sausage Straws, like a little kick, try our Habanero Gourmet Sausage Straws. All of our Wisconsin Fresh Sausage Straws have their own unique gourmet flavor. Each Gourmet Flavored Meat Straw is the perfect garnish to your favorite Bloody Mary... not just for breakfast anymore.

For an exceptional Bloody Mary add Wisconsin Fresh Cheese Company's Bloody Mary Cheese Curds (only from Wisconsin Fresh Cheese Company). Combine Bloody Mary Cheese Curds and Bloody Mary Sausage Straws from Wisconsin Fresh Cheese & Sausage Company.

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